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Services Offered

Broadcast Integration  Show Production  Audio Visual


BTS offers many different services in broadcast technology.  High quality audio visual and broadcast systems are in demand today.  Building a new matrix system or upgrading an existing one requires innovative engineers and technicians.  We specialize in custom integration installations to meet every broadcast need.


Show Support

Service Repair


We are committed integrators of integral broadcast technology.  We specialize in cutting edge design, equipment, and installation of custom integration for every client's broadcast needs.  From engineering room matrix to technological expertise of all installation types, BTS is your solution to accomplish your production mission and meet your budgetary needs.


• High Definition Technology

• Production Control Technology

• IMAG & Display Technology

• Archival & Media Management Technology

Broadcast Technical Services provides engineering and technical support on all equipment before, during, and after a show.  When BTS offers a customer technical show support, it is from an engineering stand point, such as shading cameras, routing feeds, hooking up technical gear, or tearing down equipment post-show.  Whether it be running cable or connecting different pieces of equipment, when BTS gets involved with a show, it's to ensure that the production backbone does what it is supposed to do.  BTS provides support for several major venues and has worked thousands of events.

At BTS, customer service doesn’t end when the product is in your hands.  We understand that equipment and technology require repairs and updates. Our technicians can troubleshoot equipment problems for you.  We will contact the manufacturer to get a replacement if neccessary.  We will ensure that the manufacturer will honor any valid warranties.  If no warranty is available, we will provide a quote for a solution to accomodate your needs.  We work on all standard broadcasting equipment.  Our first hand user experience of this equipment assists us in diagnosing problems efficiently.

Production & Programming

Other Services

Once we have basic information on your media vision and promotional strategy, we can create a quote to meet your specific needs. We have a variety of consultation rate options are available including hourly, monthly, quarterly, project, or retainer.   Rates are subject to scale and scope of work.  Below is a list of our services:


•Assist in creation of short-term and long-term media planning, strategy creation and budget forecasting.

•Provide recommendations on improvements to your show content and quality.We can make overall recommendations as well as coaching for key positions (directing, producing, camera, editing, audio, and lighting) as requested.

•Provide revenue generating recommendations to create multi-platform content and promotions using your existing content/messages.

•Provide programming syndication services for local, regional, national or international television distribution. We have the expertise to research networks, available time periods, and negotiate agreements.

•Recommend and negotiate agreements for local/national post production facilities for animation design and creation for open, close and transitional pieces.

•Recommend and negotiate agreements for local post production facilities for weekly and/or seasonal programs to “polish” your existing rough cut version with enhanced audio, video, color correction and graphics.In addition, closed captioning, transcoding and FTP posts to syndication stations are available.

•Assist with selection of key production and engineering personnel; on freelance or full-time basis.

•Production process workflow recommendations to improve efficiency.

•Recommendations for equipment upgrades and new equipment for future growth.


Other services that we offer:


•Multi-campus Integration - Connect campuses together through latest encoding/decoding technology through IP transmission.


•Internet Protocol Technology - Multiple solutions in content transmission.


•K2 Raid -  Solutions to replace expired storage drives to preserve production real-time storage capability.


•Live Streaming - Solutions in streaming content live over internet infrastructure.


•Archival and Media Management - Solutions for content management, rapid storage & retrieval, and secured storage technology.



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Hours of Operation:  Mon - Fri  8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CST

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