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Clear-Com®    real time communications








Here at BTS, we design custom solutions using Clear-Com® products for your communications needs for broadcast installations, marine on-deck communications, and emergency operations facilities.  Clear-Com® products are proven clear communication systems for reliability and effectiveness in your critical operations.

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Marine Division



Solutions in Marine operations communications:

  • Captain to ship--to crane--to deck crew

  • Crane operator--to Captain & deck crew

  • Deck crew--to Captain & crane operator

  • Party line, private line, & emergency channels


Control Room



Communication solutions between control room staff & camera operators:

  • Party line and private line

  • Station to station

  • Station to headsets operators

  • Effective, clear, concise communications gear


Emergency Operations Centers



We provide Clear-Com® communications products that integrate into the communication matrix hubs within emergency operations centers.  This provides clear, consise communication used across emergency grids and within the facilities.

  • Station headsets operation

  • Headset operations are hands free

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