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K2 Raid System Chassis Drives

Replacement Solution

As time marches on, many clients who have relied on the Grass Valley® K2 Raid System for production storage have been experiencing wearing drives malfunctioning in their chassis.  Unfortunately, these are no longer manufactured or supported.  The cost to convert to newer systems, transfer content, and new configuration can be a great challenge.  We have produced a solution to provide pre-configured drives to work in the K2 systems.


Our solution provides such clients with new matching raid storage drives to replace worn and defective drives.  We put our K2 replacement drives through a process of implementing the firmware code, format, and configuration to match the host system chassis.  The result is a workable solution that allows continued production storage with the K2 system's content management remaining the same.


For analysis on your K2 Raid system hard drive replacement solution, please contact us on the form below or give our office a call Monday - Friday between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.  Phone: 832-467-0002



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